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Angella - Angelic winged guide

On an annoyingly restful night in April, my alarm went off at 1.30am and I bolted upright in bed. It took me a minute to remember why I'd set the alarm but I still had plenty of time to go to Matty Collector and buy Angella as soon as she went on sale.

I'd been caught before, deciding to buy the newly released figure in the morning only to find that the figure was sold out and I'd have to pay three times as much for it on Ebay.

She eventually arrived but I was a busy girl and had no time to photograph her to show you. Today I finally got around to it! The releases are now slowing down because they've released so many of the characters, so I need to be even more watchful in order not to miss any! Sorry it took me so long to show you loli_cat, I did think of you when I ordered her!

Angella - Angelic winged guide

Angella - side view
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A long-overdue update

Over the last few weeks I've come to realise what I've been missing.
You guys.

I haven't seen updates from many of you and have certainly not made any of my own.

I miss seeing what you're doing, which dolls you're excited about, what mischief you've been getting up to in your lives.

If you aren't spending time here, I need to find where you've all gone. Perhaps there is somewhere out there that you're all still sharing your dolly lives and I need to find that and reconnect with you all.

If any of you see this, perhaps you could comment to tell me where you're sharing your doll fun and what you've been up to?

We've been having a dolly spring clean, taking all the girls out, cleaning and redressing them. It's taking forever, there are so many of them now. So I thought I'd share with you a sea of female resin.

The Dolls!

I got a girly Christmas present!

I love getting dvds, books and CDs for Christmas. This year I received an extra gift from Tonto.

He gave me a silver bracelet, a purple bracelet, a purple Murano glass charm and a heart spacer.
Always full of surprises, that boy! He's so nice to me.

Of course then I had to buy a handful for myself...

Fairytale Mouse Charm (791107)

Miss Hedgehog Charm (791179)Read more...Collapse )

Princesses of Power - everywhere!

I came across Entrapta in an Ebay auction a few months ago. I'd realised recently that I'd need to get her as close to mint as possible because her hair was so intricate, all the secondhand ones I came across were SERIOUSLY secondhand. This one was my ideal option because her card had been trimmed and so she wasn't mint on card anymore, but she'd never been removed from her packaging before. Perfect for me to open! There was also a Starburst She-Ra from the same seller - combined shipping was very attractive even if I hadn't considered buying Starburst before. The bidding for Entrapta was furious, I did my research though and knew exactly what my limit was, so I bid my highest, very last minute and then crossed my fingers...

It worked.

Then I noticed that MattyCollector.com were about to release their re-sculpt of Castaspella. I was in, before you knew it, and she arrived yesterday. She actually arrived much earlier than parcels from MattyCollector usually do, so I was rapt!

My new acquisitions...




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Zuzu Delf Papi Banshee has arrived!

My Banshee arrived yesterday and is just beautiful. I'm so glad that she is here and is also exactly what I'd hoped she'd be. I don't have a name for her yet, but hopefully it will come to me soon! Isn't she wonderful.

Zuzu Delf Papi Banshee

Zuzu Delf Papi Banshee

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Those magical words...

There is no sweeter email than the one that arrives proclaiming "ON SHIPPING".
Yeah baby, ZDF Papi Banshee is on her way...
For a Monday it's been a bloody long week already, so I needed news like this...

I found some pics!

Both tonto65 and I are on holidays at the moment, but the poor boy is sick with a horrible cold and feeling quite miserable.

To cheer ourselves up we're looking at some dollie projects that haven't been touched in a while, in my case I've been going through my dollie photos. I finally got around to joining Paracosm, the Australian BJD forum and have been trying to find some nice pics of my dollies to add there.

All of that meant that I found some pics of Murasaki and Ginevra that I took a while ago but didn't share here!

Murasaki received a new outfit from Dollmore and also a cute White Rabbit necklace. Ginevra is wearing an outfit that I bought at the same time as I ordered her but it is the first time that she's worn it. I think they look just lovely and I'm annoyed with myself for neglecting to post these earlier!

Murasaki's new outfit

Read more...Collapse )Ginevra's new outfit and ears!

I ordered a new doll...

I tried. I really did.
I was overcome, in the end, by the intense cuteness of this doll and I just HAD to order her.
Zuzu Delf Papi Banshee, you WILL be mine :-)

Zuzu Delf Papi Banshee

Happy Easter

Because I'm a difficult soul, my mother gave up trying to give me Easter eggs on a Sunday, preferring peace on Good Friday instead. tonto65 didn't even bother trying. As a consequence I now feel very ill from the quantity of glorious Haigh's chocolate absorbed by my system so far...

However, powered by Easter eggs, I give you some Easter dolly bunny goodness... with some added cat :-)
I hope you're all having a peaceful Easter surrounded by those that you love, resin, furry or otherwise.

Easter Bunny Violet (with Primula)

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I've decided to sell my Kid Delf Boy body which has been living in his original box since he arrived in early 2012.
If anyone is interested, let me know!

DOA sales thread

Kid Delf Boy body in Real Skin White


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